Emotional Factory of  “Skrīveru Saldumi”

Here you will produce your own positive emotions that you will keep in memory and pictures for a long time.

At our factory you, surrounded by your family members or friends, will have an opportunity to wrap the products of “Skriveri Little Cow”

or to express yourself by creating products out of marzipan and toffee.

There is no age limit for participating in the activities of creative workshop – in our hearts we all are like children!


Made by my own hands!


This activity is suitable for all fans of sweets and traditions

  • Expedition of “Skriveri Little Cow”  with an opportunity to wrap your own special sweets,
  • We produce sweets “Little Cow” already for the third generation. “Skriveri Little Cow”  is produced according to an old recipe – out of a real milk and butter by preserving the traditions and quality constant through years. This wonderful sweet “Little Cow”  will bring great childhood memories and will become the beginning for new memories!
  • Introduction into the history of “Skriveri Little Cow” production,
  • Degustation,

Duration of programme ~ 1 h – 1.5 h

Fee: 5.50 Eur/person

1 hour

5.50 EUR per person

Booking by calling to +371 20366668 or writing to ekskursija@skriverusaldumi.lv