Our Story
We believe that the best sweets are the ones that are most delicious. 
To reach the best result, we are ready to run around the world! Careful selection of ingredients, recipes that were constantly
improved in the course of three generations and handwork rooted in passionate
love- all of that is spread before your eyes.
Because that ir the only way we can assert in all honesty that the most delicious sewwts come to the shelves of stores.
The balance of the sweet and the healthy – this is our story!
We are Latvian manufacturers – a family company, founded in Skrīveri in 2005.
We are a team of professionals with the experience in sweets manufacturing since 1959!
The balance of the sweet and the healthy is the motto of our company.
It explains why we use only high-quality ingredients to produce our sweets. Most of our products are natural and free of harmful additives.
In 2015 obtained the prestigious British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standarts for Food Safety standarta sertifikāta A level.

Our Target:
To develop rapidly and offer our customers more and more new and valuable sweets. 
To innovate and update the production process, and introduce new ideas which meet the market expectations.
Let us all make our life sweeter and happier!